Soy Melts and Soy Tealights

Have you heard of Soy Melts before?

Melts are used as an ECO Friendly alternative to Essential oils and water.
There is no spitting or evaporation and you are burning a product that is safe for the environment. It doesn’t give off a soot residue and the fragrance lasts for approximately 30 hours.     
Take a look at the fragrances page and if you know of a fragrance you would like to try then email Sally at with the subject Wicked Scent.

Melts are approx 25g in weight 
Tealights are made from pure Soy and burn for approx 8 hours. 
You will get a longer burn time from a Soy Tealight than from a Paraffin one so why spend less on cheap paraffin tealights from the 2 dollar shop when you can pay for quality and get longer burn times and less sooty residue in your home.

Unscented tealights are available in packs of
Payment is made by direct deposit to a NAB Bank account.

Here is a photo of what the Soy melts look like and are available in most fragrances listed on the fragrance page


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